Chamber of Mirrors - 2011

A Socially Activated Game Using Pervasive Technology

Chamber of Mirrors offers a socially activated gaming experience built on a custom platform of interactive pervasive technologies. We designed, built, and evaluated a novel system and application that uses the real-time social behaviors of users to both control and drive the content of a new type of game.

Most of today’s social media and gaming happens in front of a screen with no connection to our physical surroundings and lacking the richness of face-to-face socializing. This game takes place in the “real world” with a group of people.

The game is based on various social actions detected by our Mediated Environments Platform and a custom pervasive computing system made of five different device types; a wearable badge, a smartphone, an interaction portal, a status display and a multitouch interactive table.

* From 2008-2012 Rebecca Allen was founding director of the Nokia Research Hollywood Lab. Responsible for the lab’s vision, she formed multiple research teams that designed prototypes of novel interfaces and future mobile media experiences. This project is an example of work from the lab.