Liminal Identities - 2004


Liminal Identities is an interactive art installation that occurs in two physical spaces. In one place we are confronted with a large physical object, a wooden box resembling a cargo container. The box draws on the phenomena of illusion and serves as a portal to the world of mixed reality. Through the holes in the box two people can mix their identities while at times their identities will be captured and transported to a virtual world. 

In another space we encounter a projected virtual world, an "augmented virtuality" that contains some of the faces from the physical box. In this world nature is represented as hyperreality. In this "natural" world we are looking for home. One can interact in this world through a breath sensor. By breathing into the sensor one affects both the environment and movement through the virtual space. 

This work is about physicality and virtuality, nature and illusion, the body and the mind and how our changing perception of reality affects our understanding of human identity.