The Westwood Experience - 2009

Connecting Story to Locations via Mixed Reality

The Westwood Experience is a location-based experience that integrates narrative storytelling with real places through new forms of augmented reality and other mobile technologies. In this adventure, the audience “walks through the story" while engaged at times with interactive game elements.

We start at a movie theater, play a game on the big screen and meet our storyteller, Pete. He continues his story via headsets as he sends us out to various locations in the neighborhood, including a room above a bar designed to look like a space from 1949. We end in a cemetery viewing historical footage from the same location. 

* From 2008-2012 Rebecca Allen was founding director of the Nokia Research Hollywood Lab. Responsible for the lab’s vision, she formed multiple research teams that designed prototypes of novel interfaces and future mobile media experiences. This project is an example of work from the lab.